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I had a headache this morning and I did not get much down. I am feeling a bit better this eveniong- It helps to get my water. Amazing what a littlwater can do to how you feel. I had to turn down my brother for dinner to night and he was paying. He wanted to go to Chuch A Rama. It has the best beffet in town. And to die for carrot cake. I told him I was on a diet and that I had lost 8 pound and he said you go girl. My birthday is dec 14 and I told him he could take me to there for my biorthday.
My long term goal is to lose as much as possible by my birthday then eat what ever I want till after new years. Hopfully whatI am doing is engrained in my head as a habit and I won't blow it too bad. Do you know howo hard it was to say no about dinner. I have been half hungry all day today. but I will hold my grouond and keep this weight comiong off.

Goals this week
8 + cups of water-m=y,t=y,w=y,t=n, f=y
Exercise 4 times m=n,t=1,w=2, t=3.f=4
log everythingI eat m=y,t=n,t=y,w=y,th=y,f=y
post at least once a daym=y,t=y,w=y,th=y ,f=y
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