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Wow Libby that sounds like a weird situation, did he not tell you that you were going to pass stones? Anyway, good news, nothing of note in your kidneys. The stones obviously could cause bleeding. My husband had lower back pain for 3 years before they figured out what was wrong. He had all kinds of tests. Finally it was a contrast cat scan that picked up his one kidney stone. The other tests had come back negative. He had one 8mm stone that was "hidden" in his kidney. The finally blasted it, 3 times before all the pieces came out. Anyway, here's hoping you feel better now that these stones have passed.

1. Drink lots of water: M-Ok, T-N, W-Y, Th-ok, Fr-ok
2. 7 hours of exercise: M-70 minutes walk/run, T- 40 mins swim, 60 mins yoga class, W-30 mins walk, 60 mins yoga class, Th- 30 mins swim, Fr-0
3. 50 servings fruit and veg: M-11, T-10, W-10, Th-11 Fr-10
4. Post daily: M-Y, T-Y, W-Y, Th-Y, F-Y

My weight seems to be sticking, i.e. I have not bounced back up. Staying, so far, at 159. I've got some exercise minutes "banked up" so I should be able to make my 7 hours for the week. Also have already met my fruit and veggie goal for the week. The green smoothies have helped a lot. Can't see that I feel any different though.

Mern, I drive 40 miles to work everyday, 80 miles round trip. I've found ways to use the trip, e.g., listen to educational CD's (e.g. French), enjoy the news etc. I really only mind the drive in snowstorms and nights like tonight, with a long weekend coming, lots of traffic on the highway. When I am tired and hungry and wish I was home

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