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Hi all. Yesterday morning I had exploratory surgery of my left kidney. Every thing went fine and the doctor didn't find any amnormaletes so there is still the mystery of why it was bleeding. I went home with pain meds and was instructed to drink water and cranberry juice. I became very bloated and when the pain meds wore off I was in agony. In the morning my weight had been 172 and in the evening it was 179. I had to dig out my fat pants for something to wear. My son drove me to the emergency room after tele health advised me to go there. While in the ER I was finally able to go and passed several kidney stones. Today I had some pain but not bad enough to take the codine pills prescribed to me. I hate the way I feel when I take them. I can see how some people would get addicted to them because it feels so bad when they wear off. Thank goodness I only had to take two. The rest are going back to the Pharmacy. I Thought I would be laying in bed and not eating very much. Instead I was proweling the house and eating every thing that wasn't nailed down. Today was especially bad. I will try to get back on track tomorrow. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
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