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Default Hungry?

I have been on WW a few times, and have always left due to finances, so I know how that goes. I joined the first time at the very beginning of the ďPoints PlusĒ program (Jan of í11), so I donít know any of the old programs. I know that there were a lot of members who didnít like the change because the points were calculated differently (not just calories or fat).

The things that I noticed most were:

1. If I donít get enough protein in the morning, I am hungry all day, no matter what I ate, or how much of it.

2. Until recently, a lot of my protein was in the form of dairy products (especially cheese and Greek yogurt). WW harps on how great ff products are, but they are so processed that you donít get the physical satiety that you would get from whole, or even low fat versions.

3. Nuts and nut butters are my friendÖalso discouraged because of fat content. I have found that they really work for me, as long as I keep portion sizes in mind. (Jiff has the new single serving containers, although they are actually 1.5 servings, they are still really handy, and a great portable protein for celery sticks or apples). The nuts and nut butters work well for me because Iím on the go a lot, and they donít need refrigeration.

4. Donít forget the free produce! If you are hungry between meals, grab a piece of fruit to munch on while youíre doing something to take your mind off of your next scheduled meal. I find grazing to be easier than specified meal times because my schedule is so sporadic, but if I am hungry at the end of my points day, I find that doing something that requires my hands and mind to be actively involved helps keep my hunger at bay. I will eat mindlessly in front of the TV or the computer, but if Iím physically holding a book while Iím reading it, I donít have the impulse to reach for food.

5. If youíve become more active than you were before starting the program, you will be burning more calories, and will have an increased appetite. Remember to keep track of the points you earn through activity just like you do for the foods you eat. Donít feel bad about using them, thatís what they are there for. If you donít want to use the activity points, at least use the weekly points, they are there to help keep you from feeling deprived.

6. Back to proteinÖ it burns slower, so you stay full longer. Iíve just started a palio eating plan, and have noticed that the reduction in carbs has really helped me. I fall back on the quick snacks (pb with apples or celery, hummus with veggies or pita chips, etc.)

7. Although I know all the principals of how the program works, if I donít attend meetings, I donít stay on program. The community support is a big factor for most people who are making a lifestyle change to become healthier. Iím not on line regularly enough to make a site like this a good choice for moral support, so the weekly meetings are extra important to me. Since I donít want to have any money automatically taken from a bank account, I choose to pay cash. They have a choice between paying by the week, and paying for a block of weeks all at once (in my area thatís 20 weeks, and I save $2 per week by having the pass).

Good luck on your journey
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