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Hope, I'm glad you are going to try to stay around--we may at least be a diversion from your troubles while not invading your privacy. Even just logging your food and posting "I'm still here" will go a long way in helping you not stray far from your healthful lifestyle and we'll be here with big cyberhugs for you.

Terri, wow, Michael needs to have his eyes checked or to clean his mirror or something! Just kidding--we'll just add to his list of good qualities that he's not conceited over his good looks. But as we older gals say (while swooning) "Hubba, Hubba!" My granddaughter will be a great mother to baby Camden, I'm sure. I am totally confident she'll succeed in whatever major she settles on while mothering and working full time. Thanks for your compliments about GD's DH, but I may also add we all know you have to to be exctremely gifted and giving to be a college prof! My dinner/lunch for breakfast was enjoyable, thanks. Tomorrow's breakfast may be baked cod on a low carb tortilla and some veggies. You had a really good day yesterday on your healthful lifestyle--oops, sorry 'bout your run-in with the crackers. That's happened to me with pork rinds when I didn't realize I had eaten so many. Don't know if I missed it or just forgot, but kudos on your strength training Tuesday.

Nyda, best wishes on your plumbing situation. We're currently having a bathroom wall replaced and a new bathtub put in our daughter's house. The contractor found today, and we saw for ourselves, a pipe under the floor that is so corroded that it is about to burst. We're counting it as a money saving/and further damage saving blessing that it was discovered while this renovation work was being done. Did you get your exercise in? So sorry your knee is hurting and that your back is still a little sore. Wondering how you felt after your exercise. I'm glad your medication is only $4 per month but understand it can still be a financial burden considering other expenses. I am a real chocoholic--love dark chocolate. I allow myself daily a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder that I enjoy in my protein shakes, or add to my yogurt or even sprinkle it atop peanut butter that I spread on a low carb tortilla. Sometimes I eat half an ounce of unsweetened baking chocolate that comes in a bar and you melt to add it to baked goods batters. The chocolate is good for you if you eat it sugar free. I also buy at the store for an occasional treat (I overcame my addiction to it) Sugar Free Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate miniatures.
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