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1) healthy eating with one cheat day or meals instead of seven: yes I did well Tuesday just overate, Wednesday we will call my cheat day
2) walk or gym 3x this week (gentle) - I really wanted to go to the gym waited for DH and didn't go MY BAD T: MELT, W: no
3) stretch daily -yes, yes no
4) writing a priority -yes tried, no
5) meditation -yes, yes no
6) stay off internet while working- turned it off, booyah T half day until DD needed me, W not around much
7) study Spanish -si, si no8)
stay positive -yes, yes no
9) lose 2+ pounds of "indulgence" weight - already lost one gained it back
10) I'm in for 35 servings of fruit and veg - 6,5, 3

You guys are so supportive I am gonna try to stay here.
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