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I'm getting bored with egg substitute and veggies or something with flaxmeal plus veggies or fruit for breakfast so this morning had nuked, boneless, skinless chicken breast and cole slaw with low carb ranch dressing. I EARNED a day off exercise today by exercising Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then if I exercise Friday and Saturday I get Sunday off. My doc didn't have to twist MY arm to get me to exercise only 5 days a week for 1/2 an hour each day. LOL

Where is Quinn again. Did I miss the reason for her absence?

Kocial, wonderful tally on the f & v!

RenewedSoul, kudos on all your hard work this week and on keeping a positive attitude. Thanks for your compliments on my great granddaughter and on your encouragement of my healthful eating lifestyle.

Terri, thanks for your encouragement on my restart and on my returning to (dreaded) exercise. You certainly did look blissfully happy in your wedding pcs. Michael is really handsome--even without the hat. Your grandfather is so lucky to have you. What great love in your family! Wow, amazing that he was still biking at 85. I wish him peace and comfort. Also wishing you a wonderful and exciting year teaching the Research in Neuroscience. My granddaughter (Camden's mother) took Sensation and Perception last year. She was majoring in psychology but is taking a year off because of breastfeeding plus having to work full time. She's not sure if she is going to keep psychology as a major or switch to something else next year. Her husband attends college full time but only works part time. He graduated 9th in their high school class of 365 and is majoring in engineering.

Jenn, your continued exercise and healthful eating (you are right--it's the MAIN THING) will get your scale moving again. Be sure to drink up today! Kudos on your better blood sugar readings! Don't touch your Mom's doughnuts and corn! Yikes! I confess I'm actually jealous that some people can eat those things and be healthy.

Libby, well done Wednesday, even with the cashews! If you see this know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you recover from today's surgery.

Donna! Welcome back! Thanks for your congrats on my new great grandbaby. Hope to catch you here this weekend.

Robin, great job yesterday. My mouth was watering reading about your yummy frozen yogurt. So exciting when one of our pals reaches goal! Congrats to ya! I think I've posted to you before that I was pre-diabetic and brought my blood sugar down to normal through diet alone, no meds. No matter the source of my carbs, nor how few calories I eat, my blood sugar and weight go up if I consume over 25g net carbs per day (total carbs less deducting fiber which is a carb that does not impact blood sugar.) But a note of interest to you might be that a nurse told me that one can get the same nutrition benefits in veggies as one can in fruit and my doc is just fine with my fruit restricted to berries (except grapes) and melon (except watermelon). My regular family physician is pro low carb for those who are willing to and are able to regulate blood sugar without meds. I am fortunate to be one who can do it without meds at this point.

Mel-Mc sorry your day didn't go so well yesterday, but great job counting all your successes! I couldn't help but chuckle over your mention of your "evil shoulder princess." I'd also like to see some good tricks to get oneself out of that mode. For me it takes a fright reaction to the scale or an upcoming doctor appointment or family event--but those don't happen often enough for me to be getting even close to healthful weight. Reporting here daily surely is a good motivator, though.

Hope, my heart and prayers are with you. Be advised that you will be greatly missed and I hope you can return renewed and refreshed very soon. I'll have to try zucchini with pesto. I've never had pesto. I had a good wrap yesterday of scrambled eggs with cooked broccoli and chicken breast on a tomato basil low carb tortilla. For a bit of sauce I used Prego Savory Bacon Alfredo.

Ian, did you get in your exercise? I hope all went well at the supermarket.

Nyda, I'm glad you're feeling better. Packing up after a garage sale is not as fun as setting it up. Glad you got some help from your sister. Sorry about your fall and hurting your back. Just be sure to not overdo your exercise. I HAVE found when my back is hurting that gentle stretching is quite soothing. When do you go back to the doctor next? Be sure to bring up that the antidepressant you are taking is not working quite well enough--maybe there's something else you can do or more tests that can be done to find a better course of treatment for you. Big gentle cyberhug to ya! Remember to give yourself credit for each daily goal you make and for good efforts even if you came up a little short.

Mike, I'll watch for the "still full-toothed RAK" after you see him again. LOL Kudos on the Wednesday workout!
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