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I run 4-5 days a week, I lift heavy weights 2-3 times a week and have 7 dogs I run and/or play with everyday, currently have 10 kittens/cats I am taking care of, blade, bike, swim in the ocean, etc. I pretty much just lead an active lifestyle but when I put in all my info, plus all of my exercise, FitDay says I should be eating about 1900 calories to maintain my current weight. Unfortunately I would gain weight if I ate that much.

I eat 1100-1400 on average to just maintain my current weight. I am a vegetarian and also do low carbs. It looks like your carb count is kind of high. Are you eating veggies? Getting enough water daily? Some people do well with higher carbs but I gain weight when I increase mine, even when I stay withen the same calorie limit.

Everyone is different but I really believe that calories/macros is how you lose the fat and that, along with a balance of cardio/weight lifting is how you get into, and stay, in shape.

I am also wondering why you were prescribed an antidepressant for pain. Amitriptyline causes an increased appetite. You may just need to cut down on your proportions since you are no longer on that med.

And you know I gotta ask because you mentioned it... Why don't you have any teeth?!
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