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Originally Posted by Weenap06 View Post
Lose 50 lbs by October
Get my blood sugar under control and get off my meds for type II
Get in better shape so I'm not so tired.
Walk a 5k by August 30.
Hey, it's fantastic that you're taking steps toward weight loss with such enthusiasm!

I am concerned, though, with the speed that you want to loose it.

July to October is about 12 weeks. That means that you intend to shed over 4 lbs a week. That's really fast... when you drop more than 2 lbs per week you usually begin dropping in muscle mass and risking your metabolism. Your body will likely begin thinking that you are starving and work to stop it (bad for metabolism). This will make your process harder and also make it more likely that you will gain it back at the end of your weight loss goal.

Please consider a less aggressive goal.

Good luck with your journey.
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