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Well last week was my 8 week milestone on Dr Esselstyn's diet. I've been staying as far away from oil as possible for the whole 8 weeks. I had my blood work done last week and my cholesterol is down from 159 to 144, my LDL is down from 72 down to 56, my weight is down 18.7 pounds, my 1AC is down from 6.7 all the way down to 5.6.

These numbers are great to me because they signify that I am no longer at risk for a heart attack. The goals of the plan are cholesterol to be under 150, LDL under 80, 1AC under 7.0. I reached all these goals in 8 weeks time !!

Cutting out all oils was a major part of this success. I'm sticking with the diet to get even better numbers and to get my weight down even further.
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