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I don't like the idea of demonizing - or promoting - any kinds of fats. I have been avoiding saturated fats in my diet for quite a while, and only see improvements in my blood chemistry results. However, that doesn't mean I don't get saturated fat in my diet anyway. There's so much saturated fat in foods that it has made me eat more vegetables and fruits, to the point of being 'almost vegetarian.'

Fitday is one website that shows this very clearly. If you don't add any fats (oil, butter, etc.) to your foods, you will still see a lot of fat in your diet. Less than before, for sure, but a surprising lot of fat! Especially meats. Even a skinless, boneless chicken breast, poached with no fat, has fat!

So, fussing about good vs bad fat is kind of a waste of time, IMO. It's extremely hard to control the type of fat you eat. You can try to avoid certain fats, but good luck with it.
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