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Originally Posted by djwayne View Post
I just sautéed some eggplant in water....clean up was a breeze, no yucky oily mess to deal with...just imagine all that oil mixed in your bloodstream...and we wonder why heart disease and obesity is so rampant in this country...that's the problem right there.

Dr. Esselstyn is right, stay away from cooking oils and you'll be much healthier.
While there is nothing wrong with braising, I disagree with Dr. Esselstyn.

Avoiding vegetable and seed oils high is poly-unsaturated fats is a good idea, however saturated fat and mono-unsaturated fat are very good for you and should be consumed in order to stay healthy. As an example; use butter, coconut oil or olive oil. Some, including myself, add extra coconut oil to their diet simply due to its health benefits. These fats will not cause heart disease or obesity.
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