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1. Drink lots of water: M-Ok, T-N
2. 7 hours of exercise: M-70 minutes walk/run, T- 40 mins swim, 60 mins yoga class
3. 50 servings fruit and veg: M-11, T-10
4. Post daily: M-Y, T-Y

Teri, the pictures are GREAT thanks for sharing.

I'm not really sure why I didn't drink more water today not normally an issue. Should not have made it a goal I guess.

So to those who have admitted that you have a TOXIC schedule, congratulations, acknowledgement is the first step to recovery lol. The next step is to figure out the problem e.g. can't say no, put yourself last. Myself I get too excited and enthusiastic about too many things and get all broiled up in them. Eg. last winter, I was working full time, plus part-time, plus teaching yoga and TAEKWON DO.(and family stuff etc) I was doing all these things because I love them but my self care was a struggle and I had no spare time to deal with unexpected stuff. That's my story. I am working on fixing that. It takes a while.

I just want to share a yoga understanding of emotional eating for those who do that: We need to be in a parasympathetic (relaxed) state to properly digest our food. Food eaten when you are stressed out will HARM your system. Guess what, eating when you are upset is the worst time to eat. Sorry to sound lectury about this but I felt that those who emotionally eat should know this.

Ok guys how are we doing with the fruit and veg challenge? I have 21 in so far, I am so glad we are doing this and I am focusing on it. Challengers?

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