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So far today has been a better day, calaorie wise. I got 5 pints of greenbeans done today. I also got in my walk away the pounds 1mile tape. I have been kindof down since friday. I am wondering if I am not a little bipoler. I have a few days that are way up. get all kinds of things done. Then I have a few days where I am just down in the dumps. I really wise I could get myself leveled off.

terri wedding picts. are wonderfull and the dress is great.

Mern sorry to hear abouty the school bus thing. When we lived in town, we were on the wrong side of the street. My sister drove her self to and from. I just walked across the street and got on the bus and no one said anything. The baby is a blessing.

Cassie welcom back.

Goals this week
8 + cups of water-m=y
Exercise 4 times m=nt=y
log everythingI eat m=y
post at least once a day.m=y
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