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I forgot to post my latest results from my doctor. I had a follow up appointment last week and had a great visit. He was very pleased with my results saying I was doing better than he thought I would do....not sure how to take that but I'll go with it. My blood pressure was 124/72...or 122/74..either way a BIG drop from 185/150 a couple of months ago. I've had some dizzy spells which he thought was due to the BP meds so he has already cut that dosage by half!! For some reason I hate the thought of taking those meds so I'm so happy to reduce that dosage and he thinks I can eventually go off of them. He also finally cleared me for some exercise. I am to get in 3 hours of cardio per week and some light weights. I've been getting up at 4:45 in the morning to get on the treadmill and then follow up with light weights. Right now, I'm pretty tired while at work but I know if I can stick with it I'll continue to lose and get some energy. I cant exercise in the afternoon because I have a 2 year old and after being at work all day I feel the need to devote all my energy to her. by the time she goes to bed, honestly, I'm too tired to get in a workout at that point so the morning is it. I do feel better and the clothes are fitting better. I'd like to get down to 200 by October and I think I can do that, especially now that I'm excercising. We shall see....I have noticed I am more focused and getting more things done at work and at home. I was really in a funk and not feeling well enough to do anything at all. It's amazing how a much difference a couple of months can make!
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