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I have been working with a personal trainer for several months. Before that I was walking and going to Zumba classes. Two weeks ago I decided that I wanted to try to train to run a 5k in Nov. So he has been working with me to do more running and I am running 4-5 days with a weekly total of 5 miles as my goal. I noticed the strangest thing a day or two ago. I am not hungry, I am not emotional about food, and the foods that used to really tempt me no longer hold any power over me. i have been over weight since the mid'70's and I am 65 now. I am just amazed at the fact that food no longer is so tempting. I know I've been working on lots of changes and they may have finally kicked in but I just had to share how I feel today without the emotional tug from food.
That would be a great thing, at least you were not so tempted with food unlike before. Keep in mind that you still need food to fuel up your body and gave you enough strength to do daily activities. Moderation is the key!
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