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Hello all. Looks like I am not the only oone having a bad day diest wise. I have gone over my max today for the second time in 2 weeks. I lost 1.5 pound last week. After today I am going to have to buckle down and work. I have lost of stuff to do outside. The last few days we have been getting thunderstorms and ran in the evening. Woke both of us up the morning about 3 am. It was almost on top of us. I will get into the veg and fruit challenge.I will do 35. I got mine in today. I had 5 cups of cantalope. It was fresh and local and so ripe it smelled so good when I picked it up.

Mern congrats on the new great grand daughter.

Mike hang in there you know you can do it. This is after all a life change.

Goals this week
8 + cups of water-m=y
Exercise 4 times m=n
log everythingI eat m=y
post at least once a day.
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