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Accurately record everything I consume: M=Y
Keep calories between 1200-1400: M=1875
Report in here every day: M=Y
Walk at lunch 4 days: M=Y
Use the yoga CD at least once.

Robingen, my schedule has actually eased up for now. The first day of classes at the college is actually a relief as all the big lead-up events are over and it's back to routine. And August 24 is the end of birthday/ anniversary season in my family so the endless supply of party food fades away until Thanksgiving. Now I just have to use that routine to my benefit. I was doing well today until I found that half-eaten chocolate bar under some papers on the end table. Eating well is so easy during harvest season when friends and family are just handing you veggies.

Edit: I went back and figured out how much candy leaped into my mouth. I'm way over on calories but I feel better knowing exactly how bad it was.

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