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Mern: Yawning Camden is the cutest picture I have seen in a long time! You must be totally awed by interacting with her!

Mike: Hang in there.

I like the vegetable/fruit servings challenge and I have already been working on it inspired by Renewed Soul. The 10-12 servings of vegetables/fruit that I am already averaging are not a problem, though. The problem is the daily serving of red wine (think resveratrol and antioxidants for heart health), the serving of dark (healthy, right?) chocolate, the healthy handful of raw, unsalted nuts, the healthy Greek yogurt - all to the tune of 2,000+ calories of damn healthy stuff!

I guess I run just enough not to put on weight on this obscene number, but the number I see on the scale is not budging, either!

New week - new chance!

Best of luck to all of us!
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