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Default Roller Coaster Ride

Let's just suffice it to say after 5 yrs and just as many surgeries, it's been a long hard road. What's worse was taking (amitryptiline for chronic pain ) meds that made me gain 60lbs in 2 years.
So, here I sit after joining the gym and exercising everyday (2hrs in pool daily), since May 3 and NOT A SINGLE pound lost. I can fit better into the size 16 pants but I want to be where I was at size 10. Doc says 'be patient', I'm losing fat, that means I'm getting healthier'.
So, just had all my teeth removed a week ago. Little food, mostly juices (homemade), and I lost three pounds, then I get on the scale two days later and gained 2 of them back. HOW? Healthier=better, right?
I've been doing HIT training for the past couple months but really kicked it up to high gear this week. Doing 1hr on stationary bike and aerobics for 30-45mins a day.
Plus I've really been concentrating on cleansing my liver.
So, can someone explain what's going on? Why can't I LOSE weight? I'm off the meds which caused the gaining since April. All I take is basic pain meds for all my ailments.
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