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I started a thread but I will join yours. Thanks, Ian!!! Miiiiike, please delete mine!!!!

Good morning all. It's a gray day here but I can see blue skies ahead!!!

I fell off BIGTIME this weekend but I am back READY TO ROLL.

1) healthy eating with one cheat day or meals instead of seven:
2) walk or gym 3x this week (gentle)
3) stretch daily
4) writing a priority
5) meditation
6) stay off internet while working
7) study Spanish
8) stay positive
9) lose 2+ pounds of "indulgence" weight
10) I'm in for 35 servings of fruit and veg

Started with a veggie omelette.

Mern: Congrats great gram-ma!!! And you are great. So glad to see you. I'm sure the baby is precious. I am sorry to hear of your hard times.

RenewedSoul, I have been in such a dark hopeless place this week and this morning I have decided to try to pull out of that. So we are with you; you are so welcome here. Come as you are. Big hugs.

Ian, I feel that temptation of the ice cream screaming at ya but don't give in (or if you do, just a little!!!)

Robin, I am trying for a little under 3 pounds. We can do this, right?

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