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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Well, Canada's Food guide says 8 (10 for men). American Heart and Stroke Foundation 9........I don't think it's only vegetarians that endorse so many! A serving is a medium size fruit or a half cup. Your questions request far more precision than I am going for, it's not like there's a cash prize or anything. Do you WANT to count spinach pasta as a veg? I wouldn't but then I am not the vegetable police. I just made this suggestion because I thought it would be healthy and fun AND help me get down that last 2 pounds.
Well, that's certainly interesting. I have a hard time with 3 portions of veggies, not sure of what my daily fruit intake is though. Certainly not 5 portions.

A half cup - that's not too onerous. And yes, I want to count spinach pasta as a veg., but alas, it's not.

And don't sweat those last two pounds. They'll come off. Just try not to go up. I just spent a year at my maintenance weight, (next weekend will be the 'official' anniversary) and in the last few weeks I've rather inexplicably dropped a few pounds.

Oh, & that "quarter cup" of blueberries - What ~was~ I thinking! (or typing ...)
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