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Okay, It's Thursday, so I am weighing in late. Sorry. But, my weigh in today goes hand in hand with the amount of time I have been tweaking my diet (one week). Zig zagging my calories seems to be working. My carbs are still about 50 to 55 g. Proteins are under 25, though. I can't remember what the fats have been at, but not too high. I have lost 2 lbs (as long as it isn't water weight) and this morning my waist is down to 33 inches, which is about 1 inch smaller. My hips are the same, unfortunately. I am a small person so the 33 inches is on a 5'2" frame, which means too big. Even my clothes say so: tight in the waist, lose in the hips and legs .

Gripe on myself today is I drove to my Dojo for training and saw that the doors were open and I turned around and went home to swim, instead. I was sooo not interested in exercising in 90 deg. weather (it's humid Florida here). I really wimped out, though. For shame.
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