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Default Nine?

Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Well fellow competitors I guess we could do it a lot of ways. The "health" info I read says that it is healthy to have 9 servings of fruit and veg per day! I know that if we did that weight loss would not be an issue. My challenge is preparing and a result of being too busy I was eating way too much take out. It is a challenge to home prep everything!
NINE servings of fruit & vegetables? I don't think I eat nine servings if I include all the foods I eat I in a day, (including any drinks with calories).
Is this from an 'everyone should be a vegetarian' health info source?

So what if we say set a goal of 50 fruit/veg in a week? And just report in daily as to how many we had. That's a lot I know. It would be really good for us. I know that the walking challenges have helped me a lot in the past. 50? more? less?
Depends what's considered a 'serving.' A quarter cup of blueberries - is that one serving or two? How much raw broccoli do they consider a 'serving?' What about spinach pasta? Does that count as a vegetable? And how about them apples? Is a whole one (with skin) one serving, or two? I often use my own measure of a portion, since I've found different sources to diverge of 'serving' size.

At least by counting fruit and vegetables you won't raise my usual conundrum of "Is it a fruit, or a vegetable?"

- Donna
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