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Well fellow competitors I guess we could do it a lot of ways. The "health" info I read says that it is healthy to have 9 servings of fruit and veg per day! I know that if we did that weight loss would not be an issue. My challenge is preparing and a result of being too busy I was eating way too much take out. It is a challenge to home prep everything!

Ohh the apples, our local ones will be ready soon! Otherwise they are shipped from far away, covered with wax to look good and horrible inside. I can't wait for the fresh ones.

So what if we say set a goal of 50 fruit/veg in a week? And just report in daily as to how many we had. That's a lot I know. It would be really good for us. I know that the walking challenges have helped me a lot in the past. 50? more? less?

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