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Afternoon all. Iam feeling a lot bettter then friday. Just have the normal headache today. Seldom have a day that does not have a bit of a headache.
I am up to the veg challenge, but like Ian have to know what it is first.
Sunday is my weigh in day. I was down 1.5 pound this morning. What is really helping me is the support I have found here and having to post every thing I eat. Had about 8 cherry tomatoes I had just picked this morning for a snack. I had a peach turnover for breakfast. I put it in the log and the amazing thing is that was full. I have not been hungry and looking for more.
Libby the ice cream bars are spendy but one in a while worth it. they are 240 calories. I have found that icecream once a week is nice.
Jenn I hear you about the heat. It has been bad this summer here as well. I really like apples. I found a apple corer at a yard sell. IKt makes eating an apple more often a deffinate thing.
Hope eveyone is having a good weekend
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