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I'm here. because of the headache I did not spend to much time on the computer yesterday. Computers and sound are not good. I get photo phobia and phona phobia when I have one like yesterday. I did go of the diet yesterday. For lunch I had honey nut cherrios and for super we made chicken and veggies with pene pasta. Went shoping a bit today. So at least I got some walking in.
Wal-mart has these new icecream bars. White chocolate and vanilla. I had at to get some and try. Very rich. I an allergic to chocolate (gives me migraines) so any time I find something I like with white I have to try it. I will not eat anotherone for a few days.
I have no hope of a loss this week Not as much activity this week,just to hot and muggy. Hope I did not gain to much back.
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