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Smile Emotional eating, exercise and loss of appeite

I have been working with a personal trainer for several months. Before that I was walking and going to Zumba classes. Two weeks ago I decided that I wanted to try to train to run a 5k in Nov. So he has been working with me to do more running and I am running 4-5 days with a weekly total of 5 miles as my goal. I noticed the strangest thing a day or two ago. I am not hungry, I am not emotional about food, and the foods that used to really tempt me no longer hold any power over me. i have been over weight since the mid'70's and I am 65 now. I am just amazed at the fact that food no longer is so tempting. I know I've been working on lots of changes and they may have finally kicked in but I just had to share how I feel today without the emotional tug from food.
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