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Hello Emily, everyone, and fellow newbies!

Thanks for sharing your tips and insights Emily...I know, I keep telling myself 'it is not rocket science - eat less, move more!' lol Oh, and track!

Thank-you, you have made me realize that I too MUST track food. I have used WW before, and I did lose 30 lb by tracking and excercising. Diligent tracking is important for me to keep me mindful. If I don't track, I think I slip into a state of denial, and just don't consider the big picture of what I consumed throughout the day. I simply don't think about it. Perhaps for some people this comes more naturally; but it does not with me; maybe because my eating is so emotionally connected. Seeing what I eat, by tracking, along with the nutritional info, keeps me in reality.

I was saying in another thread that I think I finally hit rock bottom with my weight, I know it is time to smarten up and take care of myself for once and for all. My weight has always fluctuated based on what was going on in my life, with relationships, stress level, business, and busy-ness, etc. just proving what I am already painfully aware of....emotional eating and how much I lean on food to fill various voids. Really examining my hunger, why I am feeling hungry.

I always thought that once I was self-employed things would be different, away from my hectic, high stress, office job. I thought I would have more time and flexibility to schedule workout time. Well, I hate to admit it, the opposite was the case. Being around home made it easy to always be in the cupboards and fridge, grazing. And without anyone around, which makes it worse. And no, the workout time was not scheduled.

I guess it boils down to priorities - no matter what is going on with work, and life in general, one has to care for themself first. What is more important? So I am putting myself first now and caring about food, exercise, nutrition.

The company you work for sounds awesome, that is a great perk! I am finding I get a good portion of protein from hard boiled eggs. I love them, and boil up 6 or so and keep them handy in the fridge. I have used a protein powder supplement before, and was considering picking up some again. Trying to keep my food more natural though, and the protein powder is processed, so not sure on that. I need to boost my protein a little more too. Does anyone have any feedback or thoughts on any of the protein powders? Recommended brand?

Congrats on the kudos from your co-worker, that sure is a good feeling!!! And for getting your ring back on! Those small triumphs go a long long way!
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