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Hope: Wonderful to see you!!!!! Thanks for the welcome, and for the compliment on the picture That was about 10 seconds after we were intro'd as husband and wife, I love the candid shot.

Mern IS amazing. I hope she pops 'round to see us saying that about her! Miss you, Mern!

Honestly, I don't think your "grumpy" red text is actually grumpiness at all, but rather just standing up for yourself, especially in the case of the gym membership. I know that *I* am sick and tired of fees that exist seemingly for no reason and no effort. Ugh. It's gotten completely out of hand.

Libby: Great news on the doc's report!!! Good job! Your calorie count is something I could never do - anything under 1,200 calories and I'm like a rabid bear, biting at anything that moves. I do much better on 1,300+. I'm in awe of how you can do it!!

valkyrie: Sounds like you're off to a fantastic start, I wish I was more flexible!! Your starting goals look great, nice and simple. Always better to start simple!!!

Kocialapcia: Thanks for the welcome! I will definitely post more pictures when I get them. The photog says they'll be online soon and is mailing us a list. Mad at the photographer though, she tried to overcharge me by $650 because she "forgot" that I had changed my debit card midway through the payment plan and had "lost" the records of those payments. Luckily, I had my bank statements and could e-mail. Ugh. As if weddings weren't expensive enough!!!!!

RS: Thanks for the welcome, lovely to meet you too! Your progress and dedication is very inspiring!!!! Thanks for the compliment on the picture, it was a very happy moment!!

adyndravo1: Many thanks!!! I hope we've got 52 years + in us as well. Husband and I have been living together since early 2006, so it hasn't been a huge change in terms of day-to-day, but we're happy and sappily in love still. I like our chances!

Okay, so I decided that this week is a bit too crazy to make any goals; I have a talk to prep for Friday, syllabi to write/revise and a lot of job hunt organization to do, as well as workshops on Wednesday night and Thursday morning (and all day Friday). I need to focus on work. BUT! I have two other goals!

1) Check in here daily! <3
2) Weigh myself on Friday and record the number, good, bad, or ugly.

Then on Monday, I'll start up with some simple goals again.

Female, 31 years old, 5'4 1/2" tall
Starting weight 1/4/11 = 215.2 lbs.
Weight 10/22/14 = 175.0 (net: -40.2)
Last mini-goal: 175 lbs. REACHED 10/22/14 --REWARD: New wallet
Current min-goal: 170 lbs.
Next large goal: 165 lbs. by 12/25/2014
Lowest weight: 156.7 lbs.
150.2 lbs. <--- Official "Healthy BMI" weight
Estimated final goal: 130-140 lbs.
"You don't have to change your life today. You only need to change your day today."
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