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It's early. I got up to put the dogs out before they made a mess in the house again. My border collie cross is almost 16 (in October). When she wakes up I have to get her out of the house right away because she loses bowel control. The beagle cross usually wakes me up when she has to go but by then the collie has already made a mess. I opened the windows to let the cool of the morning in. Today is going to be a hot one. My son welded the broken bracket back on the treadmill and put it back together so now I can use it again. The plan is to use the treadmill in the morning and walk outside in the evening. I hope that I can turn my weight around. So far this month I have gained two pounds I don't know how other people can eat 1400 calories and lose weight. I would love to go to a personal trainer dietitian, but I can't afford it. I would love to go to fat camp for a week and learn a new way of being. Congrats to all the people who are losing weight and winning the battle.
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