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1) stretch - yes, yes
2) meditate -yes no
3) write - yes but not enough no
4) practice Spanish - no, aye no
5) maintain positive attitude and stop being so grumbly and mean - um (I yelled at people in a doctor's office for keeping me on hold on the phone for an unreasonable amount of time - I said lucky this wasn't serious or I would have died by now. DH asked, "You actually said that?" Yes I actually said that. Also I bullied gym personnel into not charging me a $20 "activation fee" to rejoin. An activation fee? Seriously? for a key they could barely activate at first - activating it was pushing a button BTW. I'm chill now tho. JUST DON'T PISS ME OFF!!!! And pick up the %#!* phone and gimme my key!! T: OK so eye doctor making me wait 45 minutes for my eye apppointment which he triple booked and then dilating my eyes and making me wait another 20 minutes; IS IT ANY WONDER I AM GROUHY?... but then I wnt to a MELT class and chilled right out and I did overpay the kid who took me to and for my eye appoinment so there's that. I am not a TOTAL Grinch
6) go to gym, now that I rejoined TODAY, yeah - YES, MELT class
7) stop the crazy out of control rebellion eating (I was on a very strict "health plan") I did resist getting a burger and fries and Chinese food I am eating everything THIS MUST STOP
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