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Good day to everyone. I spent some time this morning on finding a plumer abecause we have no cold water pressure. We just get this trickle. I have been really good so far today. I did tomatoes again to day 3 more bottle in the freezer- total 6. I do love my green house. Lunch was a tomato sliced with an ounce fo swiss cheese cooked in microwave. very tasty. I already have all my water in and it isn't 3 pm here yet.
Terri welcome back and congrats on the marriage. I hope you stay married and happy as long as my oldest sister- 52 years and counting.
Valkyrie welcome to fit day. THis really helps if you use it. I post everything I eat and Post at least once a day on this thread. THere are some really neat people on this thread and they are willing to help any one who askes.
Need to go get my walk away the pounds tape done so I can shower and work on supper.
My goals
drink 8 cups of water a day min.m=y
Exercise 4 times a week.m=y
Log everything I eat m=y
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