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Thanks sailgal! I'll check that site out for my husband. Since I am the primary cook in the house it really does come down to me with what my family eats. My husband has already lost over 10 pounds just by changing up what we have been eating for dinner. His blood sugar levels have dropped significantly as well so hopefully he is on his way to reducing his medication. He doesn't have near the amount of weight that I have to lose but the diabetes thing has always scared me so I'm proud of him for doing this with me. I think he wants to lose about 15 more pounds and he'll be at his goal weight.

As for me, I'm down to 216 as of this morning. The weight is steadily coming off. I am going back to the doctor in a couple of days so I'm hoping that I'll be able to up my exercise a bit. I'm still just doing the leisurely walking thing and started lifting some light weights. I bought a yoga "for beginners" dvd....for beginners, yeah right. I could barely get through the thing. I had to laugh at myself. I just keep thinking I have to look at the progress I continue to make...not how far I have to go, that is just way to overwhelming at this point!

I continue to struggle with my blood pressure. I have a stressful job and deal with some difficult people at work but then again who doesn't?? I need to figure out a way to deal with the stress in a healthy way. I've written down some positive quotes I try to focus on instead of silently brewing over some nasty comment or unprofessional gossip that comes my way, but I really think exercise will eventually be my savior on this one. If I can just get the okay from the dr. to step it up a notch, I'm hoping that'll help with the tension I sometimes feel. I also know as the weight continues to come off, it will eventually come back down.

Another positive, I was able to wear a shirt that I couldn't squeeze into for over 2 years! I am starting to see and feel the results!! Pound by pound I'm getting closer and feeling better
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