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Thank you for the suggestions!

I do make an attempt to buy "better" carbs when I'm shopping. Sometimes I have flavor issues though - I have tried so many types of whole wheat pasta, and I can barely choke it down. It always tastes so dry and chalky!

I will give myself credit though, I don't eat nearly the amount of carbs that I used to. I have cut down A LOT in the past couple months. I used to be all about Mt Dew, pizza, and potatoes! Now I have a Dew maybe once every 2 weeks, and very rarely eat any other "junk" food. Granted, I allow myself "light" versions of my favorite ice creams once a week or so.

I don't's all a learning process, I suppose. I'm doing my best, and each day it gets a little better.

Although learning does nothing for my motivation lol. That's a whole different story!
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