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I've been pretty consistently losing 1-3 pounds a week by keeping my carbs, proteins, fats ratio at 45-35-20. Typically I'm aiming for 40-40-20, but keeping the carbs down is always an issue. I also try and push my calorie burn up over my intake by 500-1000 calories every day (1,000 M-F, 500 weekends). I also carry a pedometer and log 10,000 most days, maybe 6-7 out of 8. My calories are pretty comparable to yours, but I've been steering clear of pretzels. They have a lot of carbs and are generally high in sodium, which causes me to retain water. You might consider pushing that brisk walk to a run, you can burn a few more calories in the same amount of time. Or if running isn't an option, add another walk per week, or make each of your walks 10-30 minutes longer, or add ankle/wrist weights? Just a few thoughts. I've been doing housework with ankle weights on and it's starting to show.
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