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I agree with Corte. Ask your doctor to run all the usual tests on you and the thyroid check. Many things can hamper your thyroid from working correctly and your doctor is the only resource for finding out if that is the issue. It is incredibly common to have thyroid issues. Make sure your doctor knows everything you are doing. Write down absolutely everything you eat, everything including water and no calorie things you eat. Take that to your doctor and who her/him and ask to be referred to a nutritionist. I don't know about health insurance there, so check if that is covered first. Nutritionists can look at your blood work and design a program for you for complete weight loss and health. FitDay helps you with the food log, resources and support, but the doctor is the first step in my opinion. My regular doctor did all of the tests and then gave me a low calorie diet photocopied from a magazine...basically "stop eating so much", not that is what led me to the nutritionist who used the doctor's tests to get me some help. Good luck we are here for you.
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