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RS - Haha, I meant 5.30PM

Mike - You are slacking with those spammers

People were so chatty at the begining of the week but now they all seemed to vanish


1. Exercise like a madman
M-806, T-388, W-280, Th-453
2. Under 2k calories per day
M-1626, T-1122, W-1608, Th-2774
3. Keep fat intake under control
M-28.8, T-67, W-37.7, Th-48.6
4. 3 fruit/veg per day
M-3, T-1, W-7, Th-3
5. 3 clients acquired this week
M-0, T-0, W-0, Th-1
6. Don't rack a disciprine
M-N, T-N, W-Y, Th-Severely racked a disciprine
Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going - Sam Levenson
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