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You can buy some very juicy fruits (fresh and whole), peel them, slice or dice them and mix them with plain non-fat yogurt. Kind of a parfait. If it's not sweet enough, add a little Splenda. Count the calories so you get an idea of what you are eating.

Or - if savory is your thing - chop some olives in with some non-fat feta cheese. Roll it up in crustless slices of whole grain bread. If it's not tasty enough as is, then dip it in a small amount of olive oil flavored with herbs, salt and garlic. Again, count the calories.

Or - use a mandoline and slice some potatoes really thin. Spray with canola oil. Bake at high heat, turning once. Then, once they start to brown, take the pan out and stand the slices on end (tricky, but try it) and warm on low oven heat for as long as it takes to get them stiffened up. Oil will drain off, the potatoes should be crisper. With salt, they are like 'baked' chips you buy in a bag, but will taste fresher and be cheaper.

Or - pop some low-fat microwave popcorn and sprinkle with herbs and salt. I like nutritional yeast (Bragg's brand is good, at Whole Foods) sprinkled on my popcorn. It DOES taste like cheese.
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