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Default How running changed my life

It was the first day of the summer holidays ..25th July 2013.. I was home.. reading one of my favorite books Ö I was thinking of what I should do this summer.. I wanted to do something exciting.. something new..As I was reading, the doorbell started ringing..( * this kinda rhymes ) .. So i went to open the door as I was home alone and no one else could do it. It was my brotherÖ
-Hi! (him)
-Hey whats-up?(me)
-Oh.. just came back from the gym .(him)
And thatís when it hit me . This summer , Iím gonna start working out and eating much healthier. Iím going to follow my brotherís example.. He decided to do this one year ago, he started going to gym, eating very healthy and I must say it worked out great for him.
So I started running. I now run 6 times a week Mon-Sat.. Because on Sundays I go horse riding.. After about 3 weeks of running .. I can say this .. All my life Iíve been quite active.. but now I can call myself a runner. This is because I stuck to my running routine, and I havenít skipped a day

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