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You may do this already, but you could try swapping some of the refined carbs you may eat for "better" carbs with higher fiber and protein. That might help you not have to make two meals. For instance, make spaghetti for you and your husband, but instead of using plain old pasta, use whole wheat or the "Smart taste" brand which has more fiber and protein, and then measure your serving out. Put brown rice under a stir fry or in stuffed peppers instead of white rice. They make "boil in a bag" varieties that only take 10 minutes instead of 30-40 to cook. Switch to greek yogurt for your dairy intake - usually less sugar (you can sweeten with splenda, stevia, or fruit) and way more protein to balance out the carbs. Or have an egg "McMuffin" by frying an egg in non-stick spray, top with a slice of fat free cheese and rather than putting it on bread, buy some Thomas Multigrain Light english muffins - only 100 calories and tons of fiber and protein. (You could also use them for sandwiches or hamburger buns instead of bread too!) Buy High Fiber instant oatmeal or Kashi cereal instead of the regular instant oatmeal or other cereal. Buy Weight Watchers bread or another brand that has high fiber and protein. A way to reduce your carbs and make them "better" carbs without really noticing a huge difference. Just some ideas - hope that helps!

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