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Sounds good, topspally!

Yeah, I like running! Used to go 40-50 miles per week and it was a great time to let my mind wander or think through things I'd been working on. Of course, there's a certain amount of inertia in that it's not as enjoyable at first when it's hard, and on top of that you're more prone to soreness and injury starting out, especially with extra weight putting more stress on the joints. Once you get past a certain point, though, it's really hard to not run! I've signed up for three 5k races this fall for a little extra motivation.

Meanwhile, I'm finding I'm over my calorie goal by about 100 calories/day on average. Which isn't bad, it's still a calorie deficit and about 1 lb./wk weight loss, but there's some room for improvement (and it's not like I'm starving--I should be able to do this).

We can all do this! How's everyone else's week going?
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