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I weighed myself this morning and as usual, I had a good loss (or water weight I'm sure). I was down 3.8, that seems to be how I start my week, then by Wednesday or Thursday, I'm gaining it back. I'd like to keep the 3.8 loss but if I can finish off the week 3 pounds down, the Count will be happy.

Originally Posted by adyndravo1 View Post
Hii all. I have been busy cleaning beadroom closet and linen closet and bathroom. Things are looking good. I can't find the broom though. I used the vaccuum in the kitchen but it does not get under the toe area.
I have been really good so far this week.

My goals
water 8 cups-sun yes, mon. yes
exercise sun no, mon yes
log everything - sun yes mon yes
Great start!!

Originally Posted by RenewedSoul View Post
I forgot to post my goal results from yesterday. I better hurry, because my break is about over at work!

Week goals:

1. Log everything I eat daily: yes
2. Stay under 1,200 calories/day: yes
3. Push myself to walk faster: no (my new 15 year old walking buddy wanted to walk like a slow poke last night :P )
4. Do daily stretches for better health and to relieve stress: yes
5. Walk with walking buddy in the evenings (my daughter): yes
Tell your walking buddy to pick up the pace.

Originally Posted by traceymc1985 View Post
First week weigh in after my first week sees me lose 6lbs!!!!
I'm extra proud of myself that I've resisted buffet food and cakes from colleagues on 3 occasions. I've been drinking so much tea to keep me away though. Really should balance this with water!!
Kiddies are staying with grandparents tonight and to save me going in cupboards I had a lovely long soak and pamper session. Followed by some 0% fat Greek yoghurt with fresh raspberries. 1 litre of water by my bed whilst having some me time.

Another week ahead...soon be time to shake the dust from my at moment too tight clothes!
Good job and congrats on the amazing loss!!

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
1. Drink 6 glasses of water yes
2. Keep to carb limit a little over
3. 4 servings of fruits and veggies 3
4. Exercise 3X yes

Not awful but could be better.
Libby good job on losing 2lbs!

What is your carb limit? Congrats on the good start.

Originally Posted by Mel-Mc View Post
Hi all! I'm back from the family reunion. The Maine lobster stocks have been decimated, potato chip stocks have taken a sudden uptick, and somehow I am down a pound. Must have been all that hiking. My knees may forgive me some day. But it's time to be serious again if my winter clothing is going to fit when needed.

1. Weigh, measure, and record everything eaten
2. Keep calories at 1400
3. Two liters of water per day (to wash away all that vacation salt and sugar)
Nice goals. Congrats on the loss, you must have went easy on the chips.

Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
Mike - First time in 4 years over 200 isn't so bad

RS - Congratz on another good week, you never seem to have a bad one


1. Exercise like a madman
2. Under 2k calories per day
3. Keep fat intake under control
4. 3 fruit/veg per day
5. 3 clients acquired this week
6. Don't rack a disciprine
Thanks, it seems as if I almost skipped right past the 190's though. Great job on the deficit. That must have been one hell of a workout!

Originally Posted by Mern View Post

Count Mike, I hope all is well with you. Goodnight.
Thanks. It's good to be back, I just need to keep my ass in gear. Your recipes look good!
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