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Homemade low carb veggie soup:

I make this with whatever low carb veggies I have on hand. Sometimes I add precooked meat, sometimes I make it vegetarian.

I save meat juices from cooking meats in the crockpot or oven, cool and skim off the fat, then I freeze it until I accumulate enough to use for a soup stock. Sometimes it's chicken juices, sometimes beef or pork, sometimes a combo. If I don't have any stock, I used sodium free granulated beef or chicken bouillon reconstituted in water. One could also use ready-made canned or boxed stock.

Soup ingredients:
--Veggies to taste: I add what I like in whatever amounts I feel like using that day. My most commonly used veggies are:
shredded cabbage (actually never make soup without it) sliced celery, green beans, broccoli and/or cauliflower, and fresh or canned, peeled tomatoes. Sometimes I also add black soybeans or whatever leftover veggies I have on hand.
--Meat stock: either homemade, canned, boxed, or reconstituted granulated bouillon.
--Water, if using granulated bouillon
--Spices and seasonings to taste: Use what YOU like to taste. I use salt or salt substitute, Worcestershire Sauce, lemon juice, dehydrated minced onion, dried Italian seasoning, chili powder, and a couple dried bay leaves. Sometimes I add extra granulated bouillon for extra flavor.
--Optional and added at the end: already cooked, diced meat.

Method or directions:
1. First shred cabbage and chop or slice veggies. If using fresh tomatoes, peel them first, chop or dice and set aside, reserving the juices. I dip my whole tomatoes in boiling water until the skin breaks (30 seconds or so is usually enough) then put them in cold or ice water until cool enough to handle--and then cut or dice them as desired. NOTE: if using veggies that are already cooked, add those after the fresh veggies are cooked until desired tenderness.
2. Place all your veggies in a pot, including any juices from the tomatoes. Add meat stock or water and bouillon to cover veggies.
3. Add spices and seasonings to taste. Go especially easy on the lemon juice-- maybe 1/8 teaspoon to a 2 quart pot of soup which just adds a bit of brightness to the flavor. (Vinegar also works in place of lemon juice) Taste as you go along--better to add too little of some seasoning--can always add more at the end of cooking.
4. Cook until fresh veggies are tender.
5. Add any precooked veggies and/or precooked meats.
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