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Hi all! I hope you all are doing good with your goals! In a few weeks, I should reach my halfway point! I am getting excited. I will then share my story along with pictures that I have been capturing the steps toward my health journey.

Libby: Nice job on the weight loss!

Adyndravo1: Yes, junk food is an evil temptation at times. It will take time to not feel hungry, but the hungry feeling quit after a couple of weeks for me. I used to cross stitch huge pictures that ended up looking like paintings. I miss that hobby. I am hoping to start that back up when I have more spare time. Maybe you can post a picture of it when you are done? I would love to see it.

Robin: Traveling is a difficult time when it comes to weight loss. I hope everything turns out good with your son's eye surgery.

Mern: The homemade veggies sounds great. Would you mind to share the recipe? I am always looking for something new to eat to break up the boring pattern of vegetables for every meal.

Mike: Your goals are looking good this week.

Ian: Your goals are looking good this week, too. Yes, I have had good days the past 3 months, even though some have been very emotional. The three last months are starting to shine over the bad few years I allowed myself to experience. I will never allow myself to become so unhealthy that it interrupts my life again.

Mel-Mc: Welcome back! Your family reunion must have been great.

Jenn: You seem to always get your exercise goal accomplished. That is one area I am lacking in. I need to step it up and increase my exercise.
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