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I forgot to weigh this morning, but if I'm up on the scale it would be from water retention which comes off more easily than gained fat weight. I didn't log my food today, but know for sure I ate low cholesterol, low sat fat, and stayed in my calorie range of 1200-1600. Spent a good part of the day making homemade low carb soup with fresh veggies from DH's garden. I thought DH would eat that for dinner along with a sandwich, but he wanted to eat soup for a snack tonight and have a sausage and peppers casserole for dinner, so I had to go back outside to pick more fresh veggies for the casserole. But both dishes came out great. My son came in, said the soup smelled so good and asked if he could have a bowl of it. Then he saw the casserole and had some of that, too.

Jenn, wishing you better carb control this week. It's not always easy, I know. Best wishes with your goals.

Count Mike, glad to see your goals posted-- ah, ah, ah!

RenewedSoul, I hope to be able to take a more active part in our thread this week. Nice that your daughter is your walking buddy.

Libby, I thought about you when I got up this moring. What kind of food is at Tim's? I'll try with you to exercise more this week.

Nyda, very nice lunch! I took three of my grandkids to a buffet for lunch and had roasted chicken, brussels sprouts, cooked spinach, green beans, and strawberries with artificial sweetener. I did also have about a tablespoon of cocktail sauce (which would be like catsup/ketchup and grated horseradish) on some steamed shrimp. But that was my only cheat.

Robin, when is your son's eye surgery? Why do you have to travel so far--is it because the surgery is unusual? Just do the best you can this week under difficult circumstances--don't sweat the small stuff. Big supportive hug to ya!
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