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I still have a lot of weight to go, but since I've lost weight I can now fasten the seatbelt in my car. It went from being too tight, to fitting and cutting off my ability to breathe, to fitting fine and not being noticeable at all.

I fit behind the car steering wheel, without the wheel touching my belly. In fact, there's plenty of room down there.

I can go on my three hour grocery shopping trips (so many places to buy great veggies!) and not get tired or sore. Before, a half hour trip to Kroger's would make my back hurt and my feet sore.

I can chase a two year old and a five year old around the park and not get worn out or tired the way I would have before.

I now actually enjoy exercising. It gives me energy! Before, I was just exhausted and sore.
July 17, 2012: 441 pounds
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