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Default Back yet again

hello everyone. I took a bit of time off to see about getting my act together. I hope I am finally there. I just put the food in to the food log for today and it was about 1000 more then I should be eating.
I went to a doctor and had some blood work done and he had good news. I am still insulin resistant not full blowen Type 2. I have looking at my body and I am discusted at how big my belly is. I know I know I need to get this weight off in order for me to conintue doing what I love to do and that is gardening. It is my one passtime I enjoy that gets me off my big butt and moving. My walking partner is doing better this year and so I may startwalking with my dog again. The stuff I get from the Vet is so worth every penny. My 9 yr old big dog is running around like she use to. Only when she gets tired does she limp. I know if I post often then I wiill be more likly to stay on plan. Hope everyone is haveing a good summer. Adyn
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