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Well, crud! I log on yesterday morning around 9:15AM and composed a post of support and cheers and thought I hit the submit button, but I don't see it, even when I check under my username for recent posts.

Things are still nuts here with re-roofing and other restoration/repair work to come at our daughters house (single mother of four) while she's at work and DH and I are in charge. Long story short: water damage and no homeowners insurance. There's more work to come but the roof should be finished tonight.

Quick recap of my uposted post:

Mike: kudos on staying active

RenewedSoul, did you or any loved ones have any damage from the flooding? Hope you all are safe!

Robin: may I say great job on still bouncing around only 1-3 lbs. from goal? Beats the heck out of a continual creeping up on the scale. I agree with you one thousand percent. We have to take charge of our own health.

Libby: that's a good weight loss pattern. Sometimes our bodies just need to take time off to slow down on weight loss so they can get used to their lower weights. We all know weight stays off better when it comes off slowly. I'm rooting for you, too, Shortie.

Jenn, glad you were satisfied with your A1C. My doc's scale is four lbs. lower than my home scale, so I go by my home scale weight for my weight loss endeavors. No priase for being 5 lbs. lower than your last visit? Aw, sorry about your frustration with your doc. My old doc used to do that. I'm lucky my new one never hurries me out. My scheduled 15 minutes has turned into 30 or 35 a couple times due to her sitting down with me to formulate a new plan of attack on problem areas. Maybe a woman doctor would be more willing to give you the time you need? Can you look for a new doc if you wish, or are you assigned a certain doctor?

Ian, the diplomat, LOL on some docs being "full of excrement."

Ugh, I thought we were done for the evening, but the contractor for our daughter's house just called asking for a conference at my house tonight. It's frustrating, but at least it's a house and money, not health problems or some tragedy. We'll get through it.
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