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Default Sugar

I have heard and experience the cravings for sugar and fat too, especially when I have been in the habit of eating them regularly. Now that I have not had really sweet or fatty food for about 3 weeks, the cravings are manageable. For example, I love fried mozzarella sticks ( I know fat logs of goodness ) and before I started I would eat the 5 that came in the fast food pack without even blinking an eye.

The other day my hubby brought home some and I had only a couple of bits. I actually savored the taste, but did not crave it after just the few bites. I still have to be careful so I don't fall back into the pattern, but now I feel more confident that I can bypass those not so healthy foods most of the time.

I like the way you put that normal, healthy foods have more flavor. I find myself enjoying my food more (savoring the flavors) now that I am eating better. I guess it might be that I have slowed down and am really thinking about what I eat.
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